Speaking - Heartsong’s Messages from the Heart

“Heartsong’s Messages from the Heart” are designed to inspire, encourage, motivate, uplift and empower you. Joy’s speaking style is interactive and fun. When she speaks, you may feel inspired to make a few simple shifts in yourself and your thinking that will lead you to a happier, more peaceful life.  All of Heartsong’s messages focus on self-help, self-empowerment and being more peaceful in a world of uncertainty.

Joy will customize her talks for the size and focus of your group, club or organization. Here’s a sampling of the topics and titles she speaks about with groups, small and large.



  • Is our Medical System Broken? (How it affects your health)
  • Tips for Becoming the New Bold and Beautiful You! (Reclaiming your personal power and truth)
  • Falling in Love with All of Me (Self-love, acceptance  and joy)
  • Words to Love By (Loving yourself/improving relationships)
  • Detox Your Mind—Detox Your Life (Healthy lifestyle, reducing toxicity & increasing well-being)
  • Stay Out of the Hospital…If You Value Your Life (Complementary health alternatives)
  • Don’t Buy into these Six Myths of Medicine  (Health truths and tips)

To plan and schedule one of Heartsong’s Messages from the Heart, click here to email Joy.