Is Medicine Killing You?

Discover Complementary Alternatives for Better Health and Well-being

What if there is a better way to be healthy other than with costly drugs and surgery?

  • Connect with your body’s inner power to balance and heal yourself
  • Consult with holistic practitioners who focus on revitalizing your health rather than pushing the latest drugs to mask your symptoms
  • Choose less invasive — and less expensive — complementary health to enhance healing and well-being

You can make better choices by taking charge of your health care and wellness to find what works best for you.


Frustrated by our “there’s a pill for everything” system of medicine? Heartsong shows us we do have options for non-invasive treatments that foster well-being, are less expensive and have no side effects!
John Daugherty, DC


I appreciated the good advice this book offered – especially how to escape from the pharmacopeia — thirteen bottles – from which I took 21-1/2 pills every day. Her life-saving tips helped me uncover what is best for me.
Patricia Eilola, Author of A Finntown of the Soul
and Gifts of the Spirit


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Is Medicine Killing You?
Author: Joy Heartsong ISBN # 978-0-9799818-1-4

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