What do clients say?

“After only one session with Joy, I noticed immediately a change in my energy level and sleeping habits. As long as I can remember, I have been tired and sleepy, especially in the morning even when I had 8 or more hours of sleep.  Now, I am waking up about 2 hours earlier than before, ready to get up and get going. My husband is shocked, and I’m loving an additional few hours added to my day!”

Wendy Allor, Reading Tutor


“WOW what a powerful session! I have never been thru a healing session like that. Talk about getting to the Core! The pain level at my feet before your treatment was about 7 out of 10 and after the treatment it was a 4. I still need a few more days; then I will be on the snowboard. I noticed much improvement the next day, and it is much better now. Thanks again you are a wonderful Healer with extra special powers.”

- Todd Beck, Entrepreneur


“I am never going to understand how Joy does her healing.  But I know that from colds, earaches, pains from falling, and deep old injuries, I have experienced healing at the cellular level from her over the last two years.  As a cancer survivor, I know it is important to keep my immune system in top form. I go to Joy regularly to achieve that wellness along with regular check-ups. Amazing experience, even when I cannot explain it scientifically!”

- D.N., Public Relations and Marketing


“Just wanted to let you know, I feel so much better. No migraine! Thanks so much for taking time with me today. Your healing touch definitely worked wonders for me!  I will highly recommend your services to anyone suffering from a migraine or any other pain related problem. You have placed a song in my heart, Joy Heartsong!”

- Pat O’Rorke, Business Owner


“Wow!  My foot feels SO different—it’s not hurting at all. Lying in bed last night when it usually gives me this little nagging pain—it didn’t—all night long. I am so grateful. It hasn’t been hurting all morning either! It’s a miracle!”

- Debra Witte, Business Owner


“Thank you so much for your special healing work. I have never felt better and am relieved to have no symptoms from ailments I have had for many years. I find your work nothing short of miraculous and am extremely grateful to have found you.”

- Patti Spaniola, Sales Manager


“I wanted to thank you again for being here for me and for going above and beyond. First my physical “emergency,” then my MENTAL one. I feel soooo much better after spending time with you.”

- Cris Brownlee, Massage Therapist


“My foot really took a turn upward after your healing session!!!! I really appreciate you!  Just yesterday I took the boot off for the first time, now I need to teach it how to walk again!”

Deb Saunkeah, Business Owner


“I have lung, digestive and fatigue problems, due to a genetic condition. I came to Joy after having muscle pain in my back for two months. She fixed the pain in two weeks! That injury was healing when I caught bronchitis, which is dangerous with my compromised lung condition. The doctors put me on high powered IV antibiotics and steroids because I was having a hard time breathing. It usually takes me weeks to recover. I sought Joys’ help. Within 3 days, I was 80% well. During that session, I was amazed that Joy intuited trauma in my elbow and wrists. It was from where the nurse had tried to draw blood for testing. WOW.  Her work is fabulous!”

- Penni Duncan, Writer, Cystic Fibrosis Survivor


“My left shoulder had been in pain on and off since the mid 70’s. I had two massage therapists and two chiropractors work on it over the years and hadn’t found relief until Joy did Healing Touch on me. My normal energy is back!! I feel really grounded and happy! Thank you!”

Toni Terrell, Yoga Instructor


“I got excellent results from Joy. I found her treatments to be above and beyond any allergy shots I’ve ever taken. This year I even forgot it was allergy season!! I was also surprised at how relaxing and non-invasive my treatments were, and yet they still worked. I get such a peaceful, warm, welcoming feeling when I walk into her office.”

- Lauren Petrigala, Office Manager


“My son and daughter were experiencing a great deal of trouble with allergies after our recent move to Florida this spring. To avoid pumping our children with medicines, I called Joy for a phone consultation. She stepped me through the process to use for both of my children, citing the pollen and molds as the causes for their recent coughing, runny noses, and lack of energy. I was easily able to repeat them throughout that day and the next until their symptoms waned. It was a great experience, and a great relief to me for my children not to be pumped full of antihistamines and other medications.”

- Joey Vap, Mother and Homemaker


“Two treatments were all it took to end months of suffering with hives. I can’t thank you enough! Brittany is no longer embarrassed and scabbed. You are a Godsend!”

- Leslee Midas, Homemaker and Mother


“Joy’s healing work cleared some very difficult allergies, and she generously taught me to heal some allergies myself. Joy opened her heart to me and made me feel like I was a valued friend instead of just a client.”Merle Ellis, Business Owner