Are Drugs Killing You? Consider Your Options

October 28th, 2013
Know your health care options. My message is always: What feels best to you deep within? What resonates with you? What doesn’t? Since my latest work in progress compares conventional medicine with complementary, holistic health care, including the dangers associated with prescription drugs, I wanted to share this blog article by Shell MW with you.

As a holistic, complementary health care practitioner, I’ll also add that I use a technique for allergies that is quick, easy and effective with: No pain, no pills, no punctures. For inquiries or sharing, please leave a comment.

Deadly Medicine: Heart Failure From Heart Medicine by 

“Drug-induced illnesses are far more common than people, including doctors, would like to think. Elderly Americans suffer 9.6 million adverse drug reactions each year alone, although these symptoms show up in younger patients as well.” –Dr. Joseph Mercola 

It is hard to accept that the medical world is often times not in our best interest, as acknowledging such a concept means you have to take your health into your own hands and start learning. It is a blessing in disguise, really, as we should never stop learning. I do realize I cannot say the entire medical world is trying to harm us; such a statement is simply ignorant and impossible for me to be entirely sure of. I can, however, offer you these facts to chew over. Then, you can decide for yourself.

Prescription drugs are responsible for over 100,000 deaths a year. Why is this? Often times, the very problem we start taking prescription drugs for is the very problem the prescription drugs cause. A simple scenario would be the alarming amounts of suicides committed while people are taking anti-depressants. Something less mentioned though, is the heart medicine ‘Inderal’ that continually causes heart failure and death while the FDA effortlessly looks the other way. Staying true to the nature of far too many prescription drugs, Inderal can cause the condition it was designed to treat –or was it? In fact, it can actually make your condition much worse.Many have not heard of Inderal, which is ironic considering it is the number one drug responsible for deaths not from overdose, but from taking the amount suggested by your doctors and outlined by the FDA. On August 6th of this year, 8,764 people reported side effects from Inderal, side effects significant enough to cause concern. Of these 8,764 people, 106 died. There have already been 106 deaths from Inderal in 2013, roughly 13 deaths a month.  There have already been 8,764 people who have suffered side effects from Inderal that were serious enough to cause concern in 2013; which is roughly 1,096 people a month. With four months left in 2013, the idea of these numbers rising is not at all far fetched.  If you think those numbers sound too high, then realizing this next fact is truly upsetting: The FDA is only required to report a certain amount of cases of diseases and prescription drug deaths each year, and what is reported is typically the minimum amount required. So, the number of deaths from Inderal thus far may unfortunately be much, much higher.

How does this happen? Well, Inderal causes heart failure when not administered properly. That is to say, if a person is misdiagnosed and prescribed Inderal, their life is potentially in a great deal of jeopardy.  Inderal slows down the heart, so if it is given to a person who does not have a heart condition, the idea of their heart slowing down and eventually stopping over time is a very real one. For example, and this is just an example, as I realize no two cases are entirely alike for any ailment.  People with allergies in their bloodstream are susceptible to being improperly diagnosed with a heart condition and administered Inderal. This mistake is easily made because allergies in the bloodstream affect the walls of the heart, causing the valves to malfunction; meaning the root cause of the problem is not heart related, and taking heart medication such as Inderal is not only a “band aid” drug that fails to treat the problem, it is also so much worse considering it puts the patient’s life in danger. Too frequently, the sources of illnesses are not treated, but rather the symptoms are masked with an Rx pad. This may cause some temporary relief but does not heal a person, and in the topic of example, it actually makes the person’s health condition far worse than necessary.

Allergies in the bloodstream are healed by giving the patient proper nutrients to correct the allergies and normalize their valves, which gradually corrects the condition. Prescription drugs may be entirely unnecessary. I say may be, because it is a possibility and I am not entitled to speak on behalf of every patient with blood allergies. While this is merely an example of how life threatening prescription drugs can be, it represents the countless lives of misdiagnosed patients who did not have to die; and who probably would not have, had their body been addressed as a whole and thoroughly examined. If you receive a hasty diagnosis and are handed a prescription, it may be quite wise to hold off on popping the chemical filled pills until you find an intelligent nutritionist and doctor willing to take the time to rule out all possibilities that could be causing your health problems.


Your Choice: Traditional or Alternative Health Care?

August 28th, 2013

Years ago I chose traditional, or allopathic medicine. Why? Because that’s what I knew. It was familiar, if not always effective. My goal then was to stay away from doctors and hospitals if at all possible. And I was certain that alternative, or complementary health care options were not only ineffective; they could be unsafe, perhaps bordering on quackery

Even massage and chiropractic were suspect in my mind. That was before the event; the one that changed my life forever. As my health began going downhill rapidly, my puzzlement increased; and my list of alternatives decreased. What was happening? I had always been pretty healthy. It was rare that I missed a day of work due to my health. Now I wanted some answers.

Quickly, I realized, as in the popular slogan, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” None of my doctors seemed to have a clue about what was really wrong. Oh, they had a piece of the puzzle, as with the blind men and the elephant. They all became fixated on my symptoms, and, of course, drugs were the answer to all of them.

When I told one doctor I wanted to know what was causing all of this, he said, “Well, we usually just treat the symptoms.” Somehow I always thought that was the case, but I was still a bit shocked when he came right out and admitted it. Now I knew for sure that my answers were not going to be found in traditional medicine.

Know that you have a choice. It’s up to you to choose what’s best for you. No one ever told me what my options were. I just believed I would discover some viable alternatives if I kept searching. With hope in my heart, I embarked on a journey of discovery about what complementary medicine could offer me. I invite you to do the same.

Where do you stand on complementary and alternative health care? Have you ever used it? If so, what led you to try it?

I invite you to share this blog site with friends and associates who have health challenges and are looking for options or who have a story to tell.

Journey into the Unknown

August 16th, 2013

The search to regain my health took me into uncharted waters. I dipped my feet into the cool, soothing practice of chiropractic care first. My doctor was a gentle, kind soul who was somewhat helpful and bewildered. He puzzled: Why didn’t I hold the adjustment? What was happening? I bought an orthopedic pillow and moved on.

I made a list of all the alternative health care choices I knew about from those I’d be most willing to try to those least acceptable to me. My healing journey into the great unknown led me to an allergist and weekly shots until I realized I was getting worse doing them, not better; wearing specially designed orthopedic supports only made the foot pain worse. An assessment of my sense of smell shed no light on my acute, extremely painful reaction to inhaling any odors.

Meanwhile, my symptoms, were getting more pronounced; falling, inability to walk and talk at times, losing consciousness, severe memory loss, lack of clarity affecting thinking and using numbers and many more. Functionally, I was falling asleep on the fifteen minute drive to work (not recommended) and losing the energy and clarity (both highly undesirable) to work at my job as assistant superintendent of schools.

If you or a loved one have ever had a serious illness, I’m sure you can easily identify with this situation. If you haven’t, then maybe not so much, but hang in there. It gets brighter and lighter.

What significant health and wellness choices have led you to where you are today? Have you ever used alternative or complementary health care? If so, what have you experienced; what motivated you to try it?

What You Can Do About EMF Pollution

August 23rd, 2011

Now that you know some of the dangers of  being exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), what can you do about it? You may want to review my last post, Electrified or Pacified? before continuing. Since it’s not practical to eliminate all of these sources of EMF pollution in our modern society, the best we can do is to minimize our exposure to them

You may stop using one or more of the devices listed previously such as an electric blanket. Many years ago I heard public service announcements on the radio warning people about the dangers of using these blankets. It was suggested then that there might be a link with cancer. Electric heating pads would fall into the same category. They can both be replaced with other means. I use several natural heating packs filled with rice and heat them in the microwave. (It’s the only thing I use my microwave for.) You may also limit the use of some of  the high EMF items, for example, spending less time on your cell phone, on your computer, or watching television.

One informative, interesting and rather fun way of checking out your environments, appliances and other electrical devices is with a gauss meter. It registers milligauss, a measure of EMF (as well as radio waves and electrical fields, depending on the type you get). You can get one of the less expensive ones for under $200. And, yes, I know they are not as accurate as the even more expensive ones. And, yes, they are still very useful tools for comparing different items and areas about town. I have used mine a lot and have loaned it out to friends and clients for their own explorations.

Another option is to buy devices designed to lower EMF. Some of them work by realigning the more chaotic energy so that it is more peaceful and balanced with human and animal energy. You can buy stick-on or plug-in devices for lowering EMF for tv’s, cars, computers, cell phones, and more. Turn off or unplug electrical gadgets and devices when they aren’t being used. Look for lower frequency products when making new purchases. Check out the effects of the storage batteries in the new hybrid cars if you’re considering buying one.

When looking for a new apartment or house, look for sources of high EMF pollution like power lines, power stations,  baseboard heaters and others. Locate the main electric panel to be sure it’s not in a high use area. You will want to avoid any that are located in the cooking or dining area, near beds, or in a high use office or living/family room. Remember that electricity goes through walls so check what’s on both sides.

It helps to release excess electromagnetic field energy from your body by getting away from the power source and grounding yourself. You can do this in different ways. You can hold a metal pipe such as one used for water or gas as long as it is grounded. If you’re outside, hug a tree whose roots go deep into the ground. Stand with your feet in the grass (without shoes) and visualize the energy flowing from above your head, through your body, and then deep into the ground. Also, you can turn the tap on and let the water run through your hands without touching it.

Getting out in nature or into a more rural environment, away from heavy sources of power, can be extremely beneficial. Hiking, picnicing, biking, fishing, taking photos, painting, reading, writing, or meditating in a peaceful area is an ideal way to spend  hours or even days when that works out for you. Give your body a break from electro-magnetic and electrical pollution as often as possible. Many short breaks are desirable when longer ones are not practical.

What are your experiences with minimizing your exposure to EMF’s? What other ways have you found effective?

Electrified or Pacified?

August 22nd, 2011

Our list of “necessities” requiring external power sources is increasing exponentially. Our needs and desires grow with affordability and greater access. Now our children and grandchildren have laptops, cell phones, video games, ipods, and DVD’s, none of which were even invented when most of us were children.

Ideally, we want to keep our exposure to one milligauss (a measurement of electromagnetic energy fields-EMF) or less. Two milligauss and higher adversely impacts our health. The list of electrical power sources and devices, microwaves, radio waves, Bluetooth technology, TV and computer screen radiation, mobile and cell phones, and more that affect our health is enormous.

Sources of High EMF:

  • Large electrical appliances (air conditioners, dryers, ranges/ovens)
  • Small electrical appliances (mixers, blenders, toasters, clocks, irons)
  • Cell phones, ipods, mobile phones
  • Old box-style computer monitors
  • Computers/lap tops
  • Power tools
  • Water heaters
  • Heating pads, electric blankets
  • Main electrical power boxes
  • Chargers for phones/computers
  • Heavy electrical equipment
  • High-tension power lines
  • Power stations/substations (especially if located within less than two miles)

Effects of EMF on the Body

This is not intended as a list of all possible symptoms or challenges. These are a few of the conditions that suggest environmental illness including sensitivity to EMF’s. Many of these can be attributed to other medically diagnosable conditions, allergies or other environmental factors.

  • Fatigue/lethargy
  • Pain/headaches
  • Stiffness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Lack of clarity/memory loss (brain fog)
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Agitation/irritability

If you work around computers or other electrical equipment, do you start your day with lots of energy and clarity; then you notice a significant decline after a few hours? Those of you who live within one to two miles of an electrical power station may find you are more alert, active and easy going when you are away from home.

I suggest you take a brief  inventory of how you feel in different environments, especially in the areas of  high electromagnetic fields. Do you feel more electrified or more pacified? You may find that you are very sensitive to these sources of dissonant energy. Will you share your experiences and findings with us to further increase the awareness of these adverse effects on our health?

Natural Remedies vs. Antibiotics

February 20th, 2011

Natural healing and remedies are often the best way to go for a variety of health and wellness issues. Unlike antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals or surgery, side effects are few to none. The cost is low by comparison with traditional medicine; significant results may be noticed rather quickly. And, of course, medical doctors,  drugs and technology play a valuable role in our overall health care also.

Whenever I am not feeling well, I turn to natural holistic healing options first. This fall I became quite ill with extreme fatigue, very weak muscle control, extremely elevated blood pressure, some abdominal pain and mental confusion,  memory loss and more. I got in to see my doctor as a “work in” patient. He wrote prescriptions for antibiotics and a muscle relaxant. I hadn’t taken either of these for many years and wasn’t about to start then.

I went home and considered  things I already had that could help me. I used a combination of intuition and muscle testing (applied kinesiology). From that, I discovered I had both a bacterial infection,  a viral infection and a parasite infestation. I began using organic oregano oil (an essential therapeutic oil) , colloidal silver  and a homeopathic for parasites. In a few days, I began feeling much better and continued to improve daily with no negative side effects.

With the prescriptions, I would have had a variety of debilitating side effects (based on past experience) including extreme fatigue and would have ended up in bed. Antibiotics always kill off the good bacteria in your digestive system and often create or escalate yeast infections in addition to having the potential for some really scary side effects and allergic reactions. Also, so many people are becoming resistant to antibiotics since these drugs are liberally used with cattle and other sources of meat.

And, yes, if I am in a serious accident, have appendicitis or some other potentially life threatening conditions, I’m going to get to a doctor as quickly as possible. I encourage you to do what you know to do to help yourself, identify one or more excellent natural health practitioners and find a highly skilled doctor you like and trust. Then learn which source of help to turn to for each health and wellness concern you have. Use your sense of inner knowing and power to choose what is best for your mind, body and spirit. You’ll feel better and be happier.

Healing Touch as First Aid

November 20th, 2010

As I was networking with a small group of women recently, I noticed that L.M.’s hand was very purple and swollen. I asked her how the injury happened. Her story, in its condensed version, was that her dog’s leash got wrapped around it with the dog exerting a lot of pressure on it. Ow! Bow-wow!

L.M. said she put ice on it and then lightly held her uninjured hand over the other one. I said that sounded like a very helpful thing to do. She asked me what I would have done as a healing touch practitioner. I said, “Something very similar. If it was too painful to touch, I would have moved my hands back and forth over her hand and then held my hand still above hers.”

I asked L.M. if she’d like me to demonstrate on her. She readily agreed, and I did some Healing Touch on her injured hand. As I continued to work, I could feel a significant calming effect with a reduction in tension and pressure.

I’m always amazed at how much we know already about doing first aid to help ourselves or someone else just by using our hands and our intuition. Classes can give us more tools in our tool box. I teach introductions to Healing Touch, a world-wide program, and the first class in the Healing Touch Program. If you’re in the Colorado Springs, CO area, let me know if you’d like more information about Healing Touch and natural healing classes/sessions. I can also come to your area if you can get enough together for a class.

Lighten Up!

September 29th, 2010

As a natural healer and author, I rely heavily on intuition to guide me. So as I was sitting at a local coffee shop recently waiting for inspiration about what to write, I looked up suddenly. And there it was. On the back of a tee shirt, “walking by,” were nine letters, just two words that said, “Lighten up”.

It seemed as if this message was flashing at me in neon lights: Pay attention, Joy! I reflected on what I have been doing that I need to lighten up about. Which areas of my life does this pertain to?

For me, it usually centers around work. I do a variety of things related to energy healing and mind, body, spirit connections, and I love them all. Well, most of them. The part that gives me the least pleasure and creates the most stress is learning all the computer jargon, new procedures, online marketing and on and on. I am catching on, I am hiring others to fill in where I lack the skills or the desire; it’s getting better. I’m finding a little less that I “have” to do and more that someone else can do to give me more opportunities to “lighten up.”

I feel good about the direction my work is going. I am continually looking for ways to combine “play time” with opening up to a great new “idea” or inspiration for my next writing adventure. It can be as simple as taking a leisurely walk in the park while noticing the animals, the colors, the sounds or the breeze softly caressing my skin and hair.

What about you? What can you do to lighten up? What changes can you make? I’d love to hear more about what you’re easing up on and how you’re doing it.

Consider…sometimes just shifting from “stinkin’ thinkin’” to thankin’ thinkin’” can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself and your life. You made this stew, and you can shift it too.